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Meet Warren Peachey

Founder & Coach At Trade Business Success

Over the last 30 years, Warren has worked with, owned and advised start-ups, small businesses, large private corporations and regulated Government owned corporations in business to Government, business to business, and business to consumer markets across electrical, civil, air conditioning, consultancy, and finance, with the core of his experience being in electrical infrastructure.

  • Director of a High-Voltage electrical infrastructure contracting business.
  • Built multiple of his own 7 and 8 figure trade businesses.
  • Known today as a leading expert for LCC and Commercial / Industrial High-Voltage substation projects throughout South-East Queensland.
  • Worked with and advised the likes of Multiplex, Watpac, Pro-Build, Hutchies, Hindmarsh, McNab, Hansen Yuncken, etc. in major projects.
  • SAI Global Accredited ISO Internal Business Systems Auditor (Management Systems Auditing).
  • Managed Energex's $290M Capital and Operational expenditure systems & performance program.

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Meet Troy Larkham

Coach At Trade Business Success

Over the past 5 years, Troy has leveraged his engineering background to help improve and optimise trade businesses that have ranged anywhere from start-up to $20M in revenue. He has since become a specialist in helping trade businesses to build powerful marketing infrastructure, optimise and streamline their sales processes, price for profit, and systemise and automate their operations.

  • Coached & advised trade and civil-based businesses anywhere from start-up to $20M in revenue. 
  • Helped his clients generate millions of dollars in additional sales revenue. 
  • Specialist in business process design, engineering and optimisation (sales, marketing, pricing, systems, etc.) 
  • Holds a Bachelors Degree in Engineering (honours) - Mechanical, Robotics/Artificial Intelligence & Computational Modelling.
  • Former mechanical engineer at national civil rigging company. 

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Meet Bayley Peachey

Coach At Trade Business Success

As a qualified accountant with a background in construction, over the past 5 years Bayley has specialised in helping and educating trade, service, and construction based businesses anywhere from start up to $20M to simplify financial management, build powerful marketing infrastructure, craft more conversion focused sales processes, develop effective teams, and enhance business operational management.

  • Coached, advised and educated trade, service and construction based businesses anywhere from start-up to $20M in revenue. 
  • Helped his clients generate millions of dollars in additional sales revenue.
  • Specialist in simplifying financial management, building powerful marketing infrastructure, developing effective teams and enhancing business operational management.
  • Bachelor’s Degree of Commerce: Double major in Accounting and Finance
  • Former Accountant at BDO - Business Restructuring Division. 
  • Provided both hands on & management level support in powering some of South-East Queensland's largest civil & electrical infrastructure projects.

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Meet Neil Stephens

Coach & Advisor At Trade Business Success

Neil has extensive global experience in advising board members, senior management and shareholders across a range of different industries with companies such as Ernst & Young, British Telecom Global Services, Cardno, Springfield Land Corp, Velocity Property Group Riverside Marine, Starboard Holdings, ICDL, and Port of Brisbane Corporation, as well as having many years’ experience in corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions and venturing.

  • Owns multiple businesses across the advisory, property development and manufacturing sectors.
  • Company and Board Advisor to public and private companies.
  • Held Executive roles at Ernst & Young, KPMG, British Telecom and Reuters, specialising in Corporate Finance, M&A and Business Development.
  • Former COO and CFO of Springfield City Group (formerly Springfield Land Corporation).
  • Managed a global billion-dollar merger and acquisition. 
  • Chartered Accountant with a Bachelors Degree of Economics (honours)

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Meet Candice Ryan

Systems & Compliance Consultant

Candice is an experienced trade and construction project and contracts administrator, corporate communications and SME business systems specialist. She offers administration and compliance services to a range of trade businesses. These services include tender writing, safety and compliance documentation, policy, and procedure writing. She also works with businesses to analyse and assist in implementing smart business admin and safety systems, utilising cloud software solutions.

  • Administration and compliance consultant to a range of trade businesses.
  • Specialist in implementing and setting up smart business administration systems, cloud-based job management software solutions, safety and compliance management for plant and staff for the construction industry.
  • Transitions traditional field documentation into online smart digital forms and cloud based documentation for better project management.
  • Tender writing and Safety and compliance documentation. 
  • Holds a Bachelor of Creative Industries (Interdisciplinary). Maj. Corporate Writing & Editing - Min. Journalism.

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What We Stand For...


To hold ourselves to the utmost standard, we operate in alignment with five core values that we believe are critical to both our success and that of our clients… these being:


Above all else, the rendering of personal service to do the most good in all that we do will be our legacy.


Mediocrity doesn’t cut it. Moments of brilliance aren't enough. Continuous high performance is the expectation.


Together we go further and achieve more. More for our clients. More for us. More for our industry.


Good judgement is the foundation of our success. We think. We discuss. We consider. We do what’s right.


The best things in life are simple. And we believe business can be simple if you make it that way.

Running A Trade Business Can Be Tough...


Whether you’re just starting out, working towards your first million, or looking to take your business to that next level, our team has the skills, knowledge and expertise to help you dramatically fast track your progress towards building your business, growing your wealth and creating your legacy. We have stood where you are right now, out on your own, working for yourself, hungry with the desire to create a business and life that you and your family can be proud of. If you are deadly serious about achieving Trade Business Success – we invite you to leverage our team.