Warren grew up in suburban Brisbane in the 1970’s. He was a very active child and highly competitive, spending most of childhood playing sports – tennis, swimming, cricket and his teenage years training martial arts - earning his black belt in 1991.

Warren, after being given the structural plans of the original Gateway Bridge spanning the Brisbane river from one of his teachers, had a fascination for bridges - large and small. His original idea of occupation was becoming a structural engineer to design them. Warren completed work experience in the design sections of both Brisbane City Council and Qld Main Roads Department, however he spent a little too much time playing sport and distracted from study earning only average results in high school.

Warren was always pulling apart electrical and electronic equipment to see how they were built and worked. His mother saw an opportunity for him to apply for an electrical apprenticeship with the South East Queensland Electricity Board (SEQEB) and after scoring in the top 10 percent on the aptitude tests, was indentured in 1988. Despite doing Advanced Maths / Science subjects at school, it was only at college studying electrical theory and physics and seeing how it applies in practice, he become hooked on learning and excelled, receiving honours for most of his units during the four years and continuing with further tertiary education and being a life-long learner.

In the last 30 years Warren has been involved in a broad range of business activities across electrical, civil, air conditioning, business systems and consultancy, finance and lending. The core of his experience being in electrical infrastructure - engineering design and construction, with strong expertise in operational performance, works and program management. Warren is known as a leading expert within South-East Queensland for large customer connections and Commercial / Industrial HV substation projects. In a previous role working for Energex, Warren was responsible for managing major Distribution Electrical Engineering Design & Construction projects across South East Queensland, also implementing business processes and ERP systems company-wide. He is an SAI Global Accredited ISO Internal Business Systems Auditor (Management Systems Auditing).




From being raised on a cattle farm herding Santa Gertrudis cows, to running around the workshop of the V8 Supercar race team his family owned and operated for nearly two decades (Larkham Motorsport), Troy's upbringing was nothing short of unique.

The cowboy-motorsport influence naturally created a patriotic, performance-driven kid who dreamed of serving in the military as an Air Force pilot. However, Troy soon realised that his severe motion sickness was a real issue, and that the grounded life of a mechanical engineer would likely be a more suitable option...

After spending nearly half a decade studying engineering at university during the day, and business in his own time during the night, Troy developed a strong desire to work in the world of business and entrepreneurship.

Then, after taking up an internship with a national civil foundations rigging company (a great experience for any young engineer) and gaining his first insight into the construction industry, Troy quickly realised that his passion was with business management and not a technical pathway.

So, upon graduating with a Degree in Engineering (honours), majoring in Mechanical and minoring in AI / Robotics and Computational Modelling, Troy dived head first into business advisory, where he has since leveraged his analytical and technical training to help improve and optimise trade, civil and service-based businesses that have ranged anywhere from start-up to $15M in revenue.




Growing up in a family full of tradesman and accountants with a business savvy father, Bayley’s childhood involved heavy machinery, dirty overalls and years of hand’s on insight into the family business. Being fast paced and dynamic in nature, Bayley got to experience first-hand, the real grit, excitement and challenges around construction and trade business works, sparking his interest from an early age.

Pursuing a passion for business through school and into university, he often found himself in-between classes installing air conditioners or working on some of the largest civil / electrical infrastructure projects in Brisbane; whether that be in a management support role, safety spotting an excavator digging around live networks, down in pits hauling HV cables, standing streetlights with cranes or installing large power transformers and high voltage switchgear in substations.

Going on to graduate university with a Bachelor’s Degree of Commerce, with a double major in Accounting and Finance, he trialed working for a top tier accounting firm, wearing a fancy suit in a large corporate office overlooking the Brisbane River, and although a good experience, he soon realised it wasn’t the life for him.

So instead, he turned back to the construction industry, shifting his focus towards business management and advisory where he uses his skillsets to optimise trade businesses from start-ups to $15M in revenue through his intimate knowledge of numbers, management, systems, marketing and sales.




Growing up in remote South West England (Cornwall to be precise) in a family full of entrepreneurs, his first work experiences (aged 9) were sweeping garage floors and fitting tyres in one of the family owned businesses on Saturday mornings, and mowing the grass for a number of adjoining property owners.

He attended a local Grammar School where, despite playing too much rugby union, cricket and sailing, he managed sufficient enough grades to be accepted into university. Moving from a small country town to the bright lights of London, Neil started his degree and as a true entrepreneur, partly financed his time as a student by playing pool at local pubs for money.

Working during summer breaks he also became adept at making ice cream, picking potatoes on a local farm, as well as being a painter and gardener in the family’s property business. Neil graduated from London University with a Bachelor of Economics (honours) degree before going on to qualify as a Chartered Accountant with KPMG in London.

Neil has extensive experience in advising board members, shareholders, senior management, businesses and organisations; as well as having many years’ experience in corporate finance and venturing, completing billion-dollar mergers and acquisitions across the globe with companies such as Ernst & Young, BT (British Telecom) Global Services, Cardno, Springfield Land Corp, Velocity Property Group and Port of Brisbane Corporation. Neil has also started a few of his own businesses in areas such as business advisory, property development and a manufacturing company producing construction products. Neil is also currently advising two not-for-profit entities.




Candice is an experienced trade and construction project and contracts administrator, corporate communications and SME business systems specialist.

As a consultant, she offers administration and compliance services to a range of trade businesses. These services include tender writing, safety and compliance documentation, policy, and procedure writing. She also works with businesses to analyse and assist in implementing smart business admin and safety systems, utilising cloud software solutions.

These software tools can include online job management, safety and compliance management for plant and staff, moving traditional field documentation to online smart forms, and cloud based documentation management.


To hold ourselves to the utmost standard, we operate in alignment with five core values that we believe are critical to both our success and that of our clients… these being:

  • SERVICE MATTERS. Above all else. The rendering of personal service to do the most good in all that we do will be our legacy.
  • WE ARE ONE TEAM. Together we achieve more. More for our clients. More for us. More for our industry.
  • CRAFTSMANSHIP. Being mediocre doesn’t cut it. Having moments of brilliance is not good enough. Mastering the fundamentals is the starting point, continuous high performance is our expectation.
  • WE USE GOOD JUDGEMENT. We think. We discuss. We consider. We do what’s right.
  • WE LIKE SIMPLE. The best things in life are simple. There is elegance and sophistication in simple. We believe business is simple if you make it that way.


Life, even at the best of times, can be difficult and challenging for everyone... and that's okay. But in our opinion, it is always important to be conscious and aware of others, and have a healthy perspective - as sometimes, what causes us frustration and angst, pale in comparison to the challenges many others face daily.

Along with helping trade business owners build successful businesses and improve the quality of their lives, we also have a strong desire to give back to our wider community. That's why we choose to donate a percentage of our yearly revenue to the following two charities. The work they do is immeasurable:


Camp Quality gives kids aged 0-13 facing cancer the chance to be kids again, with services and programs designed to help the kids and their families through the daily ups and downs of cancer, providing opportunities to create positive memories through laughing, making new friends and having glorious, grubby adventures. Camp Quality helps change the cancer story for kids and their families: in hospital, at home, at school and away from it all.


Charity: Water is a not-for-profit organisation bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing countries. 785 million people live without clean water - life’s most basic human need. The majority live in isolated rural areas and spend hours every day walking to collect water for their family - not only keeping kids out of school and taking up time that parents could be using to earn money, but the water often carries diseases that make them sick. When a community gets access to clean water, it can change just about everything.