Achieve success faster with 1-on-1 coaching.

Not your typical coaching business

With so many programs, courses, false gurus and useless information online these days, it can be hard to find trade specific advice that can actually help you, from someone that you can actually trust!

Because anyone and everyone can throw together a social media account, slap together a resource they’ve stolen, and claim to be able to help you – just to make a quick buck…

But let me assure you, that is not me, and that is not us.

We run a company called Trade Business Success. A carefully selected tight knit group of specialist trade business coaches and advisors that work exclusively with businesses in the trades and construction industry.

With over 70+ years of combined experience, we have worked with and advised trade businesses anywhere from start up to $40M in revenue, and even some of Australia's largest Tier 1 builders and developers.

In addition to this, we also have run (and still do run) our own 7 and 8-figure trade businesses across the Business to Government, Business to Business, and Business to Consumer markets, where multi-million-dollar contracts and projects are a common occurrence. Outside of the trade industry, our team have worked with companies as large as $10B.


If you’re answering ‘YES’ to any of these questions, we might be right for you…

  • Are you struggling to get a consistent flow of profitable leads into your business?
  • Do you waste massive amounts of time, money and energy entertaining "tyre kicker" leads?
  • Are you pricing jobs at the 'going rate' with little understanding of the numbers behind your business?
  • Are you strapped for time working nights and weekends to keep on top of jobs and paperwork?
  • Do you struggle to find, attract and hire good, top quality tradesman and apprentices?
  • Do you stress about your cash flow and feel like you have no where to go for good financial advice?
  • Is your family time suffering because you're either never home or you're always thinking about the business?


"The impact they have had in my business and personal life has been phenomenal! If you are looking for business coaches your search is over!"


Sherlock Drains NSW

"We've been fortunate to engage the team at TBS just at the right moment. They've given us the confidence and direction to take our business to the next level."


GateWest Energy QLD

"The TBS team will send you to the moon in terms of profit, systems and optimisation. Could not recommend them enough!"


All Wiring Solutions VIC

“It is an absolute life/game changer for all business owners. Whatever you invest in them you will get that back ten-fold! Truly the best in the business!”


5enses Carpentry NSW

Get everything you need under one roof.


Implement the critical marketing infrastructure & strategies needed to start generating a consistent stream of quality leads.


 Start converting quality leads into profitable clients and stop wasting time and money entertaining tyre kickers and price shoppers.


Let go of the 'going rate' and start pricing your jobs to actually cover YOUR costs and give you the return that YOU want.


Setup and structure your business financials the smart way to not only earn more, but finally keep more of what you make.


Learn how to attract and retain top talent within your business to start building a winning team and culture of A-players.


Implement critical operational systems to start building a well-oiled machine that creates more time and scales your profit.


Grow into the leader that your business, team and family are all counting on you to be for their success, and yours.

Here's What's Included In Our Coaching Service...

Fortnightly 1-On-1 Sessions

For the fastest results, fortnightly sessions are a must!

We meet fortnightly with every single one of our clients individually for 60 minutes either via zoom or over the phone to discuss any ideas, problems, challenges, and solutions to ultimately drive the business forward and keep everything on track.

After each session, we give you a short and achievable list of critical action items that you need to execute on and implement, taking out all of the stress and guess work of building a successful business. In our opinion, meeting fortnightly with a coach is critical to driving real and tangible results.

Direct Access To Entire Team

Have a braintrust of specialist expertise in your corner.

One business coach is great! But imagine leveraging an entire team of specialist trade business coaches that work relentlessly behind the scenes to seriously fast-track your path to success.

When you sign up to our 1-on-1 fortnightly coaching service, you'll get direct access to a team that has over 70+ years of combined industry experience across electrical, air conditioning, civil, engineering design and construction, consultancy, property and finance.

Purpose-Built Tools, Templates & Processes

Fast-track your path to success with our implementation-focused resources

As part of our fortnightly 1-on-1 coaching service, you’re also going to get access to our MASSIVE suite of literally hundreds of purpose-built tools, templates, checklists and processes. These tools and templates will help you to both quickly and easily implement ALL our strategies and advice, ensuring that you get the best results from them.

Critical Deep Dive Training Sessions

Get a deeper understand of the key leverage points in your business.

The difference between a 'tradie having a crack' at business and a successful trade business owner largely comes down to an intimate understanding of a few key areas within a trade business.

That's why throughout your 1-on-1 fortnightly coaching sessions, we prepare critical 'deep-dive' training sessions into topics such as pricing, sales targets, financial management, business systems, marketing campaigns, etc. to ensure that you intimately understand not only what to do, but WHY you're doing it.

Private 1-On-1 Q&A

Get all your questions answered and keep the momentum rolling.

Every business is at a different stage of growth and that comes with their own unique set of problems and challenges. That's why, at the end of each fortnightly session, you will be able to take advantage of a live 1-on-1 Q&A session to ensure that you don't get stuck or lose momentum throughout the week.


"TBS are totally unique and unlike other interactions I've had with coaches. The experience has been nothing short of exceptional. TBS ease the burden of business ownership!"


GoodFellows Electrical QLD

"I'm far more knowledgeable and confident about building a strong business. I can without a doubt recommend the TBS team to help out any trade business.”


Multi Power Electrical NSW

"Working with TBS, I've put an end to the lack of consistency when it comes to finding and winning work. Trade Business Success have helped our business enormously!"



“The TBS team are extremely professional. The knowledge and resources they have shared with me over the past 8 months has been without a doubt a game changer in my business!"


2M Electrical NSW

24/7 Email Support

Our sessions are fortnightly, our coaching is 24/7.

When you run a business, problems sometimes pop up unexpectedly that you need help with immediately. That's why, when you sign up to our 1-on-1 fortnightly coaching service, you will also get complete 24/7 email support from our team to help you conquer any immediate challenges that you face in between sessions.

Don’t go it alone, don’t feel stuck, or lost, or even FRUSTRATED trying to solve every puzzle and find every answer by yourself… Leverage our team!

Financial Modelling

Nothing is more important than clarity on your direction.

The first thing on our agenda when you work with our team is to breakdown your business in more detail and financially remodel it using our proprietary TBS Business Modelling Simulator.

This allows us to get a deep insight into your critical business numbers, so YOU can have absolute clarity on the numbers side of things, and WE can identify the greatest opportunities moving forward within your business.

Weekly Action Items

Fast results require consistent, weekly action.

After each fortnightly 1-on-1 coaching session, we will give you a short and achievable list of the EXACT critical action items that you need to execute on and implement in your business to move the needle forward, taking out all of the stress and guess work behind building a successful trade business.

Hands On Help

When you get stuck, we roll up our sleeves.

Where we differentiate ourselves from your typical business coach, is that we actually roll up our sleeves and provide REAL, hands on assistance.

So, whether it be quoting, calculating pricing figures, understanding true costs and target margins, building sales tools, writing and crafting marketing material, hiring, building systems, improving financial management, setting and hitting exact revenue targets at the right margins to earn the income and PROFIT that our clients set out to achieve, we're right there beside you providing hands on support.

Core Marketing Material Development

We're pretty damn good at this... so let us do it for you.

No one thinks their own story is interesting. Most people don't even think of themselves as having a "story." But if you started a trade business, your story isn't just interesting - it's an asset.

But we know that articulating your story into words in a way that will actually help you win more work is some of the hardest work to do… especially if you have no background in marketing. So, as an extra bonus on top of everything provided in our 1-on-1 fortnightly coaching service, we will also craft and develop your core market messaging FOR YOU... which to say humbly, is something we’re really good at!


"I have no hesitation in recommending them to help you make more money and enjoy the balanced lifestyle. A true asset to any business. 10/10 from me."


Ampflo QLD

"We are now consistently making great profit month on month and expanding our team. They don’t just advise you on text book theory, they teach you HOW TO RUN A BUSINESS."


UNEED Electrical & Appliance NSW

"TBS have really helped me turn my business around, and most importantly, they've brought in a lot of structure. Can't recommend these boys enough!"


YTB Plumbing QLD

“For the first time since starting my business I’m actually busy making money instead of being busy chasing work and earning nothing.”


Triple Point Services QLD

Don't Settle For The Typical Business Coach

Why We're Different...

We Actually Care

To us, coaching isn’t just about improving trade businesses, this is people’s lives, and we damn well care about them.

70+ Years Experience

With 70+ years in the game, you can be confident that we know how to help you overcome challenges and hit your goals.

Trade Specialists

We specialise 100% in the trades and construction industry to ensure that we give superior advice and guidance.

Results Focused

We don't just point out or diagnose a problem and leave you to 'figure it out'. We work with you to actually get results.

More Heads Than One

Having one coach is great. But leveraging an entire team of specialist coaches is what will  fast-track your path to success.

We've Done It

We’re not 'arm chair' coaches. We’ve successfully built and operated multiple 7 & 8 figure trade businesses of our own. 


Our 3-Step Process

Step One

Fix Bleeding Necks

First, we dive head first, straight into plugging the bleeding necks of your business that you're either struggling with, or that we identify as areas that are draining both cash and time out of your business. This allows us to set a solid foundation that we can build on.

Step Two

Cement Foundations

Next, we focus on optimising and cementing the foundational infrastructure, processes and systems within your business that will allow you to confidently take things to the next level without the fear of overwhelm that commonly comes with 'typical' chaotic and nonstrategic growth.

Step Three

Grow The Business 

Now, that the foundations are in place, we focus on growth. This is where we work with you to build and structure a profitable 'cash cow' that gives you sufficient return and rewards for your efforts, a well as give you the flexibility and freedom to finally live life on your terms.

Feel confident in your business.

We know that the large majority of trade business owners were only taught to be great tradesman in their apprenticeship and left to figure out business ownership on their own. That’s why here at TBS we work hard to provide you with the specific knowledge and transparency that you need to run your business with absolute confidence. Talk to a team of trade business specialists, who care about you and your success, today!

Before TBS

  • Confused on business direction
  • Not making enough profit
  • Unsure how to grow and scale
  • Feeling of not progressing
  • Stuck pricing at the going rate
  • No confidence in the numbers
  • Struggling to hire top talent 
  • No time for family and social life

After TBS

  • Clarity and control over business direction
  • Highly profitable month on month
  • Built a successful 'cash cow'
  • Consistently reaching goals
  • Converting all jobs at high margins
  • Know how to make and keep more money 
  • Attracting and retaining A-players
  • Freedom to choose how time is spent


"Been with TBS for just over 2 months now and the progress and results they have helped me achieve would have taken me another 5 years... if i was lucky!"


SCS Plumbing NSW

"We have systemised our business, changed our approach to marketing, and now have absolute clarity on our numbers.
These guys are the real deal."


Pulse Electrical & Comms NSW

"What the team at TBS have done for us is incredible. Their knowledge of how a business should be run is fantastic. We can't thank them enough for all their help.”


CMX Carpentry WA

“TBS was the best thing I have ever done for my business. The boys are awesome and I couldn't speak more highly."


Beleura Electrical VIC

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Cabinet Makers



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