Job Management Software Is Killing Your Customer Reviews!

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Okay first things first,

I know what you're thinking so I'll just go right ahead and address the elephant in the room...

I'm a big fan of job management software!

Our team push it all the time because it's phenomenal for trade businesses.

BUT, it's all about knowing what processes to use within them.

And one of those processes that I actually tell clients not to use, which, I may ruffle a few feathers here...

Is there streamlined system for automatically asking for a review!!

Often times all you get is the job management softwares version of a '5 star review', and what good is that?

Because while it's great your out there doing a good job and asking for reviews, and even getting some which you can certainly re-use...

 I'll tell you what you're not getting,

A 5 star review on Google!

At the end of the day, Google DOMINATES!

There is no larger search platform.

And when it comes to searching  for proximity based services, Google takes priority everyday of the week!

Now, depending on your software, if a customer does leave a review, it may THEN prompt them to leave feedback on Google...

But all you’re doing is creating work and friction for the customer. In their eyes, they’ve already left a review, so why would they want to spend more of them time writing another!

It’s one of those features that might seem like a great idea because it makes your workflow easier and more streamlined - but at the end of the day, you want results!!

I’d rather cop the manual task and have the extra 20+ google reviews!

 And that way it’s more personal for your customer too, they don’t just feel like another number... With the right little blurb/pitch and a google review link, you should really be getting majority of customers leaving a review on google.

Some food for thought.

If you're an electrician, plumber, painter, carpenter, or any other trade business owner who is looking to take your business to the next levelclick here to learn more about how our team can help!


Bayley Peachey | Accountant & Trade Business Coach

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Growing up in a family full of tradesman and accountants with a business savvy father, my childhood involved heavy machinery, dirty overalls and years of hand’s on insight into the family business. Being fast paced and dynamic in...


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