How Tradies Can Start Charging Higher Prices Now: PART TWO

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Continuing on from article number one...

VALUE is only really broken up into two components.

There’s the back-end ACTUAL value that customers receive once they decide to start working with you…

And then there is the second component of value (where most contractors come unstuck) and that is PERCEIVED value.

Perceived value is the value that the customer THINKS they’ll get prior to actually accepting your quote.

When it comes to new customers… they’ve never used you before, so they have literally ZERO clue about what your back-end ACTUAL value looks like which is why front-end perceived value matters most.

It’s 100% up to your front-end marketing and sales to explain just how good you are and what value they’ll receive.

So, instead of complaining about how hard it is to win jobs and how leads only ever care about price… actually do a great job of marketing your business!

Marketing isn’t a ‘chore’… it’s critical to success!

So, instead, communicate your services in a way that INCREASES the perceived value. 

This way customers will have greater desire to choose you over anyone else (and will be happy to pay a premium for it)… then actually deliver that value in the back-end!


To charge more, price MUST equal the actual back-end value that you deliver. You can’t offer terrible value at a premium price…

The actual value must be equal to or greater!

To achieve greater pricing flexibility, you must communicate this value, however, on the front-end.

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Bayley Peachey | Accountant & Trade Business Coach

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Growing up in a family full of tradesman and accountants with a business savvy father, my childhood involved heavy machinery, dirty overalls and years of hand’s on insight into the family business. Being fast paced and dynamic in...


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