Frantic Finisher Syndrome Is Destroying Your Customer Experience

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It’s 3PM on a Thursday afternoon...

And you’re just completing your final job for the day...

But like usual... you undercharged the job to get it over the line...

And now you’re cutting corners, doing a half-arsed clean up job, sprinting past your customer, throwing all your shit in the back of the ute, and frantically rushing out the driveway to get out of there so you don’t ‘waste’ anymore time and lose money on the job...


And start actually quoting your jobs correctly by factoring in the costs in the close-out phases of the job!!!

Materials... labour... subcontractors...

These are all costs of delivering THE JOB.

Cleaning up your mess... end of job walkthroughs... touch ups... saying goodbye...

These are all costs of delivering EXCEPTIONAL CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE!

So, make sure you factor them ALL in!

The close-out phase of the job isn’t something that should be rushed. 

This is what cements an overall great experience for the customer AND makes them feel like they’re getting superior value for money!

So, STOP being a frantic finisher and START billing the client for the time spent completing these final tasks…

They are part of delivering a job successfully!

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Troy Larkham | Engineer & Trade Business Coach

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