How Every Tradie Can Easily Grow Their Sales

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Say you’re wanting to secure more property managers, facility managers, builders, or other referral sources

Most people cold call asking if they have any work, or rock up to their office, leave a card in the holder, maybe chat to the receptionist, then get out of there as quick as possible…

But talk to any property manager and they’ll happily tell you that all this gets you is a voicemail and your business card in the bin!

You CANNOT go in cold!

This is the number one mistake contractors are making right now when trying to hunt down dream referral clients...

You need identify exactly who you’re wanting to target early, and start digging your well before you’re thirsty

This means making yourself known to them prior to ‘pitching' anything, because this is where the magic happens!

Follow their accounts online, comment on their stuff publicly, connect with them, share their posts, strike up conversation and be the ONE contractor who keeps showing up every week… and most importantly… learn to open dialogue.

Have ad hoc conversations here and there so that your target begins to feel as though they already know who you are well before you try to ever ask them for anything.

Once you’ve done that, command their attention and send what I like to call a ‘pattern interrupt’.

Send them a physical package with goodies to run through, context to the package, and a bunch of targeted material speaking directly to them and their pain points…

This will not only do a GREAT job of getting their attention, but this will also then give you a really good excuse to call them…

Work your magic…

And lock in an in-person meeting where you’ll get a chance to toss your hat in the ring and contend for their work!

Our clients have locked in upwards of $600K+ in just 5 days using this approach, others million-dollar contracts with companies like CV Services and QM Properties, and others have been able to secure an additional $12-$15K+ worth of work on an ongoing basis month on month…

With the right approach, marketing material, scripts and clear points of difference, this targeted approach can work for any sized trade business!

If you're an electrician, plumber, painter, carpenter, or any other trade business owner who is looking to take their business to the next levelclick here to learn more about how our team can help!


Bayley Peachey | Accountant & Trade Business Coach

About the author

Growing up in a family full of tradesman and accountants with a business savvy father, my childhood involved heavy machinery, dirty overalls and years of hand’s on insight into the family business. Being fast paced and dynamic in...


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