How Tradies Can Answer The Infamous “Can You Do It For Less?” Question…

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Everyone has copped the “Can you do it for less?” question.

But unfortunately, most contractors don’t know how to handle this question…

Typically, they end up folding to the customers’ demands, dropping their prices and providing an unwarranted discount.

Which is crazy!

You know your costs; you know what it takes to deliver the job; and you should know how much profit you need to make on the job to make it worthwhile!

That’s why, you should NEVER EVER discount!

Instead, change the scope to make it more affordable for the customer!

“No worries, John, we’re more than happy to work with you to make this solution more affordable…"

“We can install 3 pendant lights instead of 5?”

“We can use a cheaper product?”

“We can take the skylights out of the scope?”

“We can work towards a different solution?”

Discounting just because the customer wants a cheaper price is cardinal sin #1 in a trade business sales process...

Does your customers family deserve the money more than your own? I don’t think so.

So, stop stealing from them!!!

Golden Rule: If the customer ‘wants it for less’… change the scope, NOT the price!

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Troy Larkham | Engineer & Trade Business Coach

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